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Becoming an APF Production Farm Puts Alaska Peony Farms to Work for Your Success.

Alaska Peony Farms has created a unique one-of-a-kind online store which is specifically tailored for the sales of peonies. We have an established presence in the Alaska Peony industry, and a strong reputation with our customer base. Our producing farms use our services and internet presence to increase their sales exposure.

What Are the Producing Farm Benefits?

  • Increased market exposure through a proven marketing strategies.​

  • Access to our established customers.

  • Invoices delivered immediately by email when the order is made.

  • Expert assistance with training, and seven days-a-week technical support during the peony season.

  • Equal access on large special peony orders. 

  • Instant direct payment of 100% of your asking price.

  • No hidden fees. 

    • Our customers pay the commission. 

  • Optional White Page online store for your farm.

    • This acts as a POS and inventory management system.

    • Your current customers can directly access your inventory and POS system.

      • This involves a one time set-up fee, with a $49 annual maintenance fee.

        • We set up your unique link to privately to connect to your farm's POS system which acts as your farm's private online store.

      • The customers which contact you directly are kept privately linked to you.​​

  • APF works behind the scenes for you. We actively market our members' peonies through phone calls, emails and in person visits.

  • If your inventory is depleted, or you do not have the right varieties, your farm may buy from other farms who will ship your order directly to your own customers.

    • This keeps your customers working with you instead of going elsewhere.​

  • Also, buyers contact us to place bids for large orders.

    • APF acts as your negotiator. 
    • These bids are open to all member farms

  • Consolidated purchasing of shipping supplies. 

    • Annually we take requests for orders for boxes, fertilizer, and irrigation supplies.

Who Can Be a Alaska Peony Farms Member?
 Alaskan peony farms of all sizes, as well as peony cooperatives are eligible to join ALASKA PEONY FARMS.

  • APF membership qualifies you for a non-exclusive brokerage marketing and sales agreement.

    • Farms and member co-ops are free to pursue other marketing and sales methods outside the brokerage.

    • Set their own competitive prices and volume-discount.

    • You are not required to make exclusive stem-commitments.

What are the APF Production Farm's responsibilities?

The first responsibility is to ship good quality peony buds which will perform well. The following bud qualities are essential:

  • Have at least a five day vase life.

  • Disease and defect free.

  • Have 16 to 24 inch stems. (maybe negotiated for varieties with shorter stems)

  • At least one leaf on the stem.

  • Meet minimum of one inch bud diameter. 

    • Smaller buds may be sold using a bidding process. APF will take your offer and let our customers know of their availability.

  • All of these requirements are important because our Production Farms provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Keep up the farm's inventory listing.

    • Remove any inventory you have sold outside of the POS system.

  • Financially insure all shipments with FedEx or other carrier provided programs.

    • Apply for any shipping damages that meet the carrier's refund criteria and refund it to the buyer.

  • Communicate with APF and the customer if buds of a reserved order become defective, and provide full refund.


APF Membership Levels?

APF membership is classified into two levels. General membership is the first level, and is free. The second level is Premium Member ship and has a one time setup fee and annual renewal fee.

  • General membership receives all brokerage services related to APF's sales and vendor services. You pay no commissions or fees other than a 3% credit card fee.

  • Premium Membership receives a private online store (POS) and inventory  management system.

    •  Premium Membership and it has two fees.

      • There is a one-time setup fee of $150.

      • Once it is setup, there will be a subsequent $49  annual renewal fee.

How to Become an Production Farm Member

To becoming a Production Farm member is simple.

  • Download the Production Farm Contract and fill it out.

  • Make sure to indicate your level of membership.

  • Enclose a $150 check if you select the Premium membership.

  • Mail it to the address on the bottom of the Contract.

If you have any questions be sure to contact us by email, enclosed form, or give us a call.

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