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Purchasing from Alaska Peony Farms

Alaska Peony Farms is a brokerage which sells Alaska peonies to retail and wholesale customers. Retail customers are purchasing peonies for their own use. Wholesale customers are purchasing peonies for resale purposes. If you have not registered as a Wholesale customer, when you see our Point of Sales (POS) system, you will only see the retail prices. Clicking "Buy Now" you agree you have read the the Buying Agreement and Terms and Conditions. You will see the retail prices and/or begin your retail purchasing.


If you become a Retail or Wholesale customer, you agree with the Buying Agreement below, and the Terms and Conditions of using our POS system.


Wholesale Customers

To be a wholesale customer you must be in the floral wholesaler, retailer, or designer. Once you submit a Wholesale Registration Form, we will enroll your business into our wholesale system, and send you the link. Then you can go to the POS system and see the wholesale prices. If your event requires immediate help setting up your account, you may call us at 907-741-0204


Once your are enrolled as a wholesale buyer, you can always gain access to your account by using the link we send you, or by using this website and selecting  the webpage "Purchasing Agreement". Once you are there, select the  "Buy Now" button. 

Since Alaska Peony Farms is helping you to find multiple sources of Alaskan peonies, you agree to continue using APF point-of-sale system for any future purchases from the farms to which we connect you.


How Alaska Peony Farms (APF) POS System Works

APF enables you to access our farms and their Alaskan peonies for your summer peony needs. Simply choose your colors and varieties, compare your choices, and select your Alaskan peonies from one or more producers. The Producing Farms are labeled by a "P" and then a number. For example, "P23 means Producing Farm 23. 

You can purchase from one, or more than one Producing Farm in an order, but to do so you must order a minimum of twenty-five stems from each farm. If you purchase from only P23 your minimum order is 25 stems. If you place an order with P2 and P23, you must order at least the minimum 25 stems from each farm. So your order would total 50 stems. Thus, there would be no volume discount because you bought the minimum farm order of 25 stems from each farm. However, if you buy all of your flowers from one producer, the total purchase can add up to greater savings through volume discounts.


As you select the quantities of the varieties you wish to order, your choices will be placed in a virtual-shopping cart.   When you checkout, you make one easy payment.

Each farm immediately receives your order, places the peonies in reserve, and holds them until the day of shipment.  They will call or email you within 24 hours to confirm the order. If not, contact APF and we will follow up on your order to confirm it.

Prices, Volume-Discounts and Availability

There are some farms offering as much as 40% volume discounts. These apply to both retail and wholesale prices. Each APF's producer farms has its own prices, volume-discounts, and inventory availability. These discounts will vary and are subject to change. Each discount applies to just the number of stems purchased from that farm. Once your are in the POS System, and you are looking at the available peonies, you can click on the links titled, “Check here for volume discounts for this supplier.”  The discounts will apply differently according to the volume purchased from each farm. They are not based on the cumulative total number of stems if you buy from more than one farm.

Prices are listed in U.S. Dollars ($), and are the domestic landed-cost per-stem purchased. This includes all processing, handling and shipping-fees for orders placed for delivery within Alaska and the Continental U.S. Additional fees will apply for Hawaii, U.S. territories and Canada.

 Minimum orders are 25-stems or more per farm.


Special and International Ordering

Special orders are defined as:

  • Orders submitted by a potential buyer directly in email form to Alaska Peony Farms. These orders must exceed 1000 stems. These orders are put out as bids by APF to our farms. The farms may accept the bids, or make counter offers. APF will work with the buyers and farms as a facilitator.


  • International Orders (Outside of the U.S.): These orders must be made by contacting  APF directly. International orders require payment by credit or credit/debit card at the time an order is placed, and shipping must be individually arranged and negotiated with the seller. Shipments are then facilitated through FedEx, or are delivered to the Anchorage International Air-Freight Airport. Full payment is required  to reserve International order. Phyto-sanitary inspection and customs fees may also apply depending on the restrictions of the receiving country.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If your peony order does not meet our 100% quality and performance guarantee, you must email the producing farm and Alaska Peony Farms within 12 hour of delivery. Include at least three pictures, including one which shows the entire group of inferior or damaged buds. Explain the problem.


APF will work with you and the producing farm to determine the cause of the problem. If the damage is due to shipping delays or damage which meet the shipper's insurance guidelines, or the product's quality was unsatisfactory when it shipped, the producing farm will either immediately replace the damaged and/or inferior buds for free, or refund their value. APF will refund their portion of the payment if it is warranted.



The buyer agrees to not hold Alaska Peony Farms or it's parent company Cool Cache Farms, LLC liable for any losses incurred as a result of any purchase agreement failures between their business and the producing farm. All reserved orders, and payments  other than APF commissions are the responsibility of the producing farm. If a refund is warranted, APF will return its portion of the refund.

Buying Agreement

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