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Farm #01

We provide top quality, beautiful peonies that will meet and exceed your expectations. We pick them so they will open in two to three days. 

Our Agriculture Practices:
We use natural practices like mechanically removing potential sources of disease, hand weeding and row covers to control weeds, and ducks in the field to remove insect pests. Thus, our peonies are even safe to make our Peony Syrups and Jellies.

Welcome to our Farm Profile Page!

While both of us grew up on farms in the Pacific Northwest, we didn't come to Alaska to be farmers. Frankly that was the last thing on our minds. We came for the adventure. It would take us more than ten years to find a way to get here.


Although we moved to Alaska in 1990, it was 2011 when we started our  peony farm. turned to our roots. Our farming experience and our more than ten years of caring for peonies in Alaska, enable us to provide you, as our customer, with best peonies you can buy.


We are proud to be part of the Alaska Peony Farms brokerage, and fully support its quality guarantee.

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